Don't use MongoDB Hoax

It is interesting to see, how some anonymous guy make a post about MongoDB, claiming it has various major issues with data corruption, and how everyone seems to react with some insecurity.

The anonymous poster wrote after a while:

My intention was to troll as many hipsters as possible and make them a little more aware of how easy to manipulate they are, without even providing the slightest bit of evidence. It cracks me up that there are startups out there right now, making foolish architecture decisions based on the FUD i’m spreading. Start thinking for yourself!

This post spread out so fast. This could be a really good oportunity for 10gen to show that MongoDB is reliable.

But as CTO, Eliot Horowitz wrote:

MongoDB is still a new product, there are definitely rough edges, and a seemingly infinite list of things to do.

But I like his intention. Start Thinking for yourself!

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